You are searching for gold and glory (and loot!) so you have decided to join a competition to enter a cave and kill aliens. The more aliens killed, the more points you will get.

To do so, you have your powerful lighning gun. It splits in two every time it touches an enemy generating a nice chain reaction (and killing more aliens at one!)

Are you ready for the challenge?


The game was made by a team of 2:

- jayminer : graphics, music, sfx and those nice effects in the start and game over screen
- misato : coding

Unfortunately we didn't have time to add a lot of ideas like the loot, different caves, etc. We also know that difficulty should be better adjusted (it's now easy). However we plan on updating it after the jam ends.

Enjoy it!

Install instructions

You need PICO-8 fantasy console to run this game.


the_loot_cave.p8.png 32 kB

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